CBT Community Initiatives 2020 – share your input

Hello Flying Arrow friends!

This time of year you would ordinarily attend the CBT Community Initiatives meeting to vote for community projects that excite you. We have applied for funding to continue our important and engaging theatre programming. Please take a look and take a few minutes to give feedback on our proposal and "vote" for us! This funding request will see us mount another musical in the near(er) future and also help us train our amazing volunteers so they can learn more about producing high quality theatre.  Thank you so much for supporting community and local theatre! 

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Stage Management Training Opportunity

This two-day workshop will cover the basics of stage management, from preparing your prompt script, to how to run a rehearsal and call a show.  This two-day crash course will set you up for a successful rehearsal, run and post-prep for any production!  This is a hands‐on approach in learning the art of stage management for a live theatrical event. In this workshop, participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of organizing and implementing rehearsals, production meetings, technical rehearsals and calling the show.  Suitable for beginners and those who are looking for a refresher on being a great SM.

Suitable for ages 14 years and over
October 5th and 6th, 2019, 9am - 3pm
Facilitator Breanne Harmon, from Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver
Registration required, places are limited

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Summer Drama Camp Creates Site Specific Theatre

Anita Hallewas and her team of young theatre makers created a site-specific theatre piece at the Revelstoke Skate Park on the themes of judging and excluding others.  The camp was held 28th August - 1st September 2017.  Youth began on the first day discussing themes that interested them, chose a site they were interested in working in and got started making theatre. Images by Ryan Hetzel. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="3060,3061,3067,3062,3063,3064,3065,3066,3068,3073,3072,3071,3070,3075,3077,3079,3069,3080"]
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AB Project Launch

The AB Project, led by world renowned theatre deviser David Glass and facilitated locally by Anita Hallewas, will launch in Canada on April 7th, 2017.  We are recruiting young theatre artists to participate in the project.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  Check out more about the project here. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="3032,3034,3035,3037,3038,3036,3039,3040"]
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First Community Theatre Project Informational Session

The first information session for the Community Theatre Project happened on October 5th. You can read the write up in the Revelstoke Current from that meeting at the following link - If you would like to get involved - it is not too late. Please send us an e-mail or give Anita a call for more information. At the AGM this week, we will be unveiling a couple of other exciting Theatre Projects that are scheduled for this year with Flying Arrow Productions. We can't wait to share all the details with everyone! It is going to be an exciting year for theatre!
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