Our Team

Anita Hallewas – Founding Artistic and Managing Director

Anita has taught and facilitated theatre programming for more than 15 years in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Turkey and Canada both in schools and within the community.   She recently completed her Masters in Applied Theatre at the University of Victoria with a research interest in Community and Refugee Theatre. She is now working on her PhD at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia with a research area of Refugee Theatre and is exploring how theatre might improve the quality of life for people living in refugee camps. She is an Applied Theatre Practitioner and the founding Artistic Director of Flying Arrow Productions.  

Gaila Hempill - Musical Director, Glee and Choir

Working with children and adults, Gaila endeavours to bring more music learning and appreciation to the community. Gaila is the Director of the Revelstoke Community Choir, Revelstoke Children's Choir and Glee Club, she also runs preschool and daycare music appreciation classes and teaches private piano and voice students. She is classically trained with the Royal Conservatory of Music, currently completing her Associate Diploma (ARCT).

Our "Welcome Home?" Production Team

Our Board of Directors

Blair Brennan - Director
Gill MacLachlan - Director
Lindy Silano - Director
Kelly Zurba - Director
Gabriella Draboczi - Director